2021. 10. 12

Global rookie TRI.BE has made their long-awaited comeback with their first ever mini album [VENI VIDI VICI]. Being the youngest girl group to have debuted this year in February, TRI.BE has been steadily collecting international interest through their achievements such as reaching 10M MV views within 5 months of their debut, ranking within the TOP 4 Rookie K-Artists in the 2021 KKBOX Mid-year charts, having Republic Records join in on their US promotions and more.

The coming album [VENI VIDI VICI] means “I came, I saw, I conquered” in Latin and contains a total of 7 tracks, including TRI.BE’s previous two title tracks “DOOM DOOM TA” and “RUB-A-DUM”. With a diverse track list, [VENI VIDI VICI] resembles TRI.BE’s confident determination to open their own, unique path as if they were conquering an unexplored universe. TRI.BE’s new album is consisted of new challenges for the group like new music genres, unit activities and is fostering great interest from all around the world.

The energetic title track “WOULD YOU RUN” is both eye and ear catching, consisted of a brass riff, full of suspense, and a dynamic rhythm that well compliments TRI.BE’s signature “out-of-this-world” performances.

All five of the new tracks represent a new challenge for the group.

“LOBO” expresses how TRI.BE is not afraid when together, just like a pack of wolves; “-18” is about the wishes and dreams of the under 18 members HyunBin, SoEun, MiRe when they become adults; “GOT YOUR BACK” is SongSun, Kelly, JinHa, Jia’s moody but powerful vocal track; last but not least, “TRUE” is a fan song dedicated to TRI.BE’s fandom “TRUE” and expresses TRI.BE’s genuine love and gratitude towards their fans.

[VENI VIDI VICI] is a full package containing the diverse and unique charms of TRI.BE.

TRI.BE’s producers S.Tiger and ELLY have put forth their iconic producing skills to create TRI.BE’s signature style of music yet again; the combination of these powerhouse producers along with the full-of-potential TRI.BE is yet to stop gathering anticipation.



우주로(WOULD YOU RUN)03:25
작사 신사동호랭이, ELLY, CHANGHYUN | 작곡 신사동호랭이, ELLY, 김제이미, CHANGHYUN | 편곡 신사동호랭이
작사 ELLY | 작곡 ELLY, BIGBRAD, 주디 | 편곡 신사동호랭이, BIGBRAD, 주디
작사 ELLY | 작곡 신사동호랭이, ELLY, BIGBRAD, 주디 | 편곡 신사동호랭이, BIGBRAD, 주디
작사 신사동호랭이 | 작곡 신사동호랭이, 김제이미, 송선(OF TRI.BE) | 편곡 신사동호랭이
작사 ELLY, BIGBRAD | 작곡 신사동호랭이, ELLY, BIGBRAD | 편곡 신사동호랭이
둠둠타(DOOM DOOM TA)03:19
작사 신사동호랭이, ELLY | 작곡 신사동호랭이, ELLY | 편곡 신사동호랭이
작사 신사동호랭이, ELLY | 작곡 신사동호랭이, ELLY, 김제이미 | 편곡 신사동호랭이