2021. 2. 17

“Newborn puppy, I Can Really Bite”

TR Entertainment’s first KPOP girl group TRI.BE makes their official debut. TRI.BE, a joint project by the world’s leading music company Universal Music and hitmaker S.Tiger, received massive international attention from KPOP fans all over the world even before their official debut. The average age 17 group is consisted of 7 members: SONGSUN, KELLY, JINHA, HYUNBIN, JIA, SOEUN, and MIRE.

TRI.BE is a combination of the geometrically most perfect shape “Triangle” and the word “Being” for existence, meaning “The Most Perfect Existence.” TRI.BE aims to convey the message “We are Perfect as We are” by portraying an image of “myself” as it is without wavering from the view of others.

“To be remembered in your ears, eyes and hearts; TRI.BE”

TRI.BE’s debut double single [TRI.BE Da Loca] contains the group’s aspiration of “Finding my true self without wavering from the view of others” despite being “newborn puppies.” By combining ’TRI.BE’ and ‘La vida loca,’ which expresses “passionate life” in Latin, the phrase “TRI.BE Da Loca” means “passionate TRI.BE” and is also the group’s signature sound.

TRI.BE’s first K-POP entry declaration [TRI.BE Da Loca] is consisted of the two tracks “Loca” and “DOOM DOOM TA.” “Loca” expresses TRI.BE’s first confident step into K-POP while “DOOM DOOM TA” gives more insight into TRI.BE’s concept of “Girl Swag”. [TRI.BE Da Loca] shows TRI.BE’s unique music and splendid performances through the group’s signature triangle formations and powerful choreography, leaving a lasting impression of TRI.BE within the listeners’ ears, eyes and hearts.



Lyrics by S.TIGER, ELLY | Composed by S.TIGER, ELLY | Arranged by S.TIGER
둠둠타(DOOM DOOM TA)03:15
Lyrics by S.TIGER, ELLY | Composed by S.TIGER, ELLY | Arranged by S.TIGER