2021. 12. 17

A new original series that draws fantastic adventure of cute bear babies, “We Baby Bears”

-TRI.BE, OST singing global animation, “We Baby Bears”

-Verified the global influential power with message of TRI.BE

TRI.BE meets the fans all over the world by singing OST ‘Baba Song (Theme music of We Baby Bears), the spinoff work of a popular animation in television Cartoon Network, USA, ‘We Bare Bears’,

‘We Baby Bears’ is a work expressing the travelling of baby bears, Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear those search the habitat to be called a home by mounting on magic box. In this course, the work contains that it is the “home” where they can meet new friends and this trio stay together at anywhere.

‘Baba Song (Theme music of We Baby Bears) was produced jointly by the composer, Tiger of Shinsa-dong and Andy Sturmer. It is a song of dance pop genre outstanding with addictive refrain and punky drumming sound, and impressive for the characteristic voice of TRI.BE. 

Amy Friedman (Head of Kids & Family Programming) from Warner Bros says, TRI.BE’s message “We are perfect as we are’ is coincident with the message of embracing and acceptance to the children. The active movement of TRI.BE verified its global influence expected in and out of country. 



바바송 (위 베이비 베어스 테마곡)02:45
작사 Andy Sturmer, 신사동호랭이, ELLY | 작곡 Andy Sturmer, 신사동호랭이 | 편곡 Andy Sturmer, 신사동호랭이