Digital Single
2021. 11. 25

TRI.BE’s Christmas present!

TRI.BE’s [Santa For You] is a surprise release for this Christmas.

“Santa For You” is TRI.BE’s winter track that portrays both the happiness when with TRI.BE and the loneliness without them.

TRI.BE puts a playful twist on the popular carol “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and becomes Santa themselves, giving a warm message to the listeners that they are allowed to cry once in a while and that TRI.BE will be there for them. The track’s catchy and easy to singalong hook is notable.

SongSun from TRI.BE participated in the composing and writing of the track, vividly expressing a happy room with TRI.BE and how lonely it is outside of the room without them.

Additionally, the cover art of “Santa For You” was drawn by Kelly from TRI.BE, making the release even more meaningful for the listeners. Kelly also drew the logo of TRI.BE’s second single album’s title track “RUB-A-DUM”, proving and demonstrating her drawing talents and artistic sense yet once again.

TRI.BE’s heartwarming voices can hopefully make the listeners warmer this winter and “Santa For You” may serve as a Christmas present for their beloved fans.



Christmas with TRI.BE will be delightful
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Heartwarming message filled with sweet voices, perfect for the winter
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Santa For You03:18
작사 ELLY, 송선(OF TRI.BE) | 작곡 신사동호랭이, ELLY, 송선(OF TRI.BE) | 편곡 신사동호랭이
Santa For You (Inst.)03:18
작곡 신사동호랭이, ELLY, 송선(OF TRI.BE) | 편곡 신사동호랭이 |